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BCN The Series
By Claire Sturzaker

BCN The Series is a brand new web series about life in Barcelona. The premiere of the pilot episode was on Wednesday in the Mutuo Centro de Arte, a fantastic space tucked away down carrer Juli Portet, just off Via Laietana. I went along for the screening, to catch up with the cast & crew, and see a live performance from Mood, the band supplying the soundtrack for the series.

I admit I didnt really know what to expect, and honestly my expectations were pretty low, given some of the crap that UK TV churns out these days. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of the show in general, from the direction & photography, to the script & and the acting from the leads & supports I was very impressed.

The series is centred around a trio of (more or less) friends and their lives in Barcelona. The cast is suitably international (of course, we are in Barcelona!), and as a quick introduction we have Annalisa Giolo as Mia, the straight laced motherly type; Stephanie Figueira plays Vic, the man-eating bitch; and Kayleigh Fortune-Cassidy completes the trio playing Lucy, the hippy artist.

This first episode certainly set the bar high introducing the three main characters in a flurry of irritating children, ukuleles and sex - although thankfully not all in the same scene! BCN The Series is a fantastic glimpse into what it is really like to live in Barcelona partying hard, being perennially poor, and hearing everything your flatmates and/or neighbours get up to - all set against the backdrop of our beloved Barcelona.  Half the fun for me was spotting which places I recognised, from Bicing round the Arc de Triomf in the opening credits to the bars on Passeig del Borne, that was a pleasure in itself. Add to that the sharp, funny script and great chemistry between the three leads and you get BCN The Series.

The project has been around a year in the making, and is the dream of Annalisa Giolo, who plays Mia in the show. Chatting to her after the screening she admitted it has been a long time coming but worth the wait!  After all the time trying to get things started with various people, changes in the cast, persuading everyone to work for free, everything eventually fell into place, and they finally recorded the first episode in an intense four day filming session in November.

Fitting filming in around day jobs, the show is a great example of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding at its best the cast and crew dont get paid, so cash for equipment, props etc comes from contributions - and at the screening we also had the opportunity to write down our own Barcelona anecdotes and experiences which could be used in future episodes watch out for my name in the credits!! (If they choose to use my idea).

BCN The Series is obviously great for Barcelona residents but we can also share this with our friends and family back home, to show them what it is like to live here (well maybe not our parents, Im not sure they want to know what we get up to in that much detail). Even if youve never been to Barcelona before there is something about the characters we can all relate to; this is life it has ups and downs, fun and frolics, and above all friendship. I look forward to seeing how our trio of friends progress; like all good pilots this ended on a cliffhanger, so I eagerly await the next episode to see what the girls get up to next!

Useful links:

- Official website: www.bcnseries.com
- Mood website: soundcloud.com/moodtheband
- Behind the scenes: vimeo.com/81848232

This article was written for Porktie by Claire Sturzaker - one of our "Word on the Street" bloggers who specialises in the Barri Gtic. Check out her personal blog for more Tales of Barcelona.