Kitty´s Irish Bar


The Camp Nou, 2 hours before kick off. You´ve picked up your tickets, bought a replica shirt, got some photos of you outside the stadium, now what? Well, there’s just one thing left to do..... get the drinks in!

 At Porktie, we know a trip to Europe´s biggest football stadium just wouldn’t be complete without a few drinks before the match, so we thought we´d introduce you to our favourite place to drink around the Camp Nou.

With 5 plazma screens, 5 draft beers on tap and 5 star hospitality to match the 5 star stadium on its doorstep, is it any wonder that Kitty´s Irish Pub is Porktie´s preferred venue for a pre match tipple.

Porktie caught up with Pub Manageress Jill Watret before a recent Barça match, as she took a break from pulling pints to tell us more about Barcelona´s oldest Irish Pub:


Porktie: “There are Barça shirts everywhere, for an Irish pub you´re very popular with the locals.

 Kitty´s: “We´re an Irish pub with a Catalan heart, make no mistake, we´re very much a Barça Pub.


“Ok, so let´s see just how much of a ´Barça pub´you are, can you recite the words to the Barça Hymn?

 “Of course! Some of the staff here even sang it backwards once for a bet.


“Over the years, does one Barça match stand out as a particularly memorable night in Kitty´s?

 “Against Chelsea in the Champions league a few years ago. We had a live radio programme broadcasting live from Kitty´s for UK radio. It was hosted by some old Chelsea footballers and they created some great banter between both sets of fans.


“There´s a cracking smell of home cooked pub grub in here. Give us your recommendation of the best pre match food from your menu.

 “Definitely the Kitty´s burger...(she pauses), washed down with 3 of 4 pints of Guinness...(pauses again), at least!


“Just incase things don’t do according to plan on the pitch today, what is the best drink you could serve a fan to drown their sorrows after a Barça loss?

 “Without a doubt a ´flaming meringue` cocktail. Im not telling you what´s in it but it´ll get you smiling again for sure.


“And finally, if you had to some up the Camp Nou in just one word what would it be?”




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