The first stop on Porktie´s Latin American tour of Barcelona begins on a quiet street in the city´s Gracia district - where you´ll find yet another great Argentinian that´s winning the hearts of the Catalan public.


First there was Maradona, then there was Messi, and now there´s a new ´M´ in town – Migracia. For a true taste of Argentinean cuisine, step off the streets of Gracia and take a seat in Migracia – the little corner of Argentina in the heart of Barcelona.


Since opening its doors back in June 2010, Migracia has quickly gained a reputation for serving authentic Argentinean dishes in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.


The people responsible for building this impressive reputation are Lau, Lalo and Javier – a trio originally from Mendoza in Argentina, now bringing a taste of their homeland to Catalonia. The three owners say that one of the main contributing factors to Migracia´s success is the authenticity of the ingredients they use. Having maintained strong links with their native South America, Migracia receives a steady supply of produce from its homeland - ensuring that the restaurant provides diners with an authentic Argentinian culinary experience.


If you’re not content with just eating this great food, Migracia even offers you the chance to help cook it! That’s right, the owners often invite diners into the kitchen to help cook the food for the rest of their table. So if one of your friends fancies themselves as a bit of a chef, then now’s their chance to prove it. (Just make sure you get in touch with the restaurant in advance).


To help inspire any budding cooks out there, below we have listed Porktie´s recommendations for the top 3 dishes available at Migracia.

• 3 - Milenesa – Thin slices of meat (usually chicken or beef), coated in breadcrumbs

• 2 - Empanada – a pastry made by folding dough around usually a filling of meat or vegetables to form a semi circular shape. There are 13 different types of empanadas on the menu at Migracia.

• 1 - Entrecot – Sorry vegetarians but Argentina has the world’s highest consumption rate of beef (65kg per person per year) so to truly sample some typical Argentinian grub, you simply have to go for the steak.


No matter who cooks the steak and no matter how delicious it tastes, it´s actually not the food but the subtle welcoming touches that truly puts Migracia ahead of the competition.


The owners recognize that no two diners are the same, so to try to ensure the comfort of all their customers, every chair inside Migracia is completely unique. Sourced from neighbours, street markets and second hand shops – the idea is that each seat will feel just right for at least one diner, helping to make their experience at Migracia as comfy and enjoyable as possible.


It’s a thoughtful concept that can often lead to a musical chair style circling of tables when diners arrive to the restaurant, as they search for the seat most suited to them.


This welcoming approach, coupled with the fabulous food being served has resulted in Migracia making scores of new friends every single week. And once you have had your first experience in this little Argentina, Porktie predicts that you´ll definitely be coming back again to sit in your seat in Migracia.

Rosa Negra
Rosa Negra
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